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New, Used, Rental and Digital Books

Fall Classes: Planning on using your financial aid? Fall financial aid charges begins Friday, August 5.

Our normal hours are Monday-Friday, 7:30 am - 4:00 pm.'s difficult to keep up with technology, but we're doing it. Now offering new, used, rental and digital books for sale! Rental is a great way to save money 'up front'.

If renting, be sure to tell us when you return the book at the end of the semester. You'll check it in like a rental movie......and will not get buyback money in return. All rental books must be 'secured' with a credit card. We will only charge your credit card IF you don't return your books on time. Good News: The actual rental charges can be applied to your financial aid account.

If you want to get a 'peek' at what texts you'll need, visit:  Click KY.....Click KCTCS....Click West Ky.

Taking an internet class? If you are taking internet class from other campus locations, visit the same website....Click KY.....Click KCTCS....Click Distance Learning.

Good News: You can place your order today, and even charge to your financial aid. Orders will be processed on first available charge date. The books will be delivered to your home!