Transfer Center

Welcome to the Transfer Center at West Kentucky Community and Technical College!  We are committed to providing students with the services needed to make a successful transition from community college to a bachelor's degree and beyond.  In addition to detailed transfer academic planning, we also provide university admission and transfer scholarship information, arrange for you to meet university reps when they visit our campus, and a variety of other transfer programming and events to help you navigate your journey.

Yes, your classes transfer!

Because of an agreement between all public post-secondary institutions in Kentucky, the general education courses you take at WKCTC will prepare you for transfer to a four-year institution. By earning your Associate of Arts or Associate of Science degree at WKCTC, you'll be "General Education Certified", which means you don't have to take more general education courses after you transfer.  Associate in Applied Science degrees, Diplomas, Certificates and other college-level courses are also transferable.

Depending on your intended major, there may be specific courses that you need to enter your program at your four-year school.  Take a look at our Transfer Academic Plans for more information.  Many schools also offer equivalency guides to show you exactly how your courses will count, many of which are listed here.

Contact us:

WKCTC Transfer Center

Located inside the Advising Center, Anderson Technical Building Room 106

Octavia Lawrence, Director of Academic Advising

To make an appointment with a transfer advisor, call (855) 469-5282.