Smoking Areas and Designated Locations

West Kentucky Community and Technical College policy does not allow smoking in any facilities. A Paducah city ordinance prohibits smoking within 15 feet of a building entrance. The following areas have been designated as external smoking areas for various buildings:


  • Anderson Technical Building -- located at east end by two benches that are on the angled sidewalk down from the faculty/staff parking that do not have NO SMOKING WITHIN 30 FEET signs
  • Allied Health Building -- located at west end and east end past the patio
  • Carson Hall -- located at east side at the concrete tables
  • Rosenthal Hall -- located at north end at tables/benches
  • Nemer Building -- located at west end at benches in covered area near V-shaped brick walls
  • MLRC -- located at east side at table/benches
  • Crounse Hall/Crisp Building -- located at north end of the west side on second level at the sidewalk
  • Emerging Technology Center -- located in the back of building on south side