Assessment Center

TAMMY THOMPSON: Welcome back to Campus Spotlight where we focus on the events and activities and services of West Kentucky Community and Technical College. I'm your host Tammy Thompson.On this edition you're going to learn all about the Assessment Center. Here is Gina Marwa.


GINA MARWA: I'm Gina Marwa. I am the program facilitator of assessments for Workforce Solutions at West Kentucky Community and Technical College.

The Assessment Center is designed to help individuals gain or sustain employment. If you're trying to gain employment,one of our such assessments is WorkKeys. WorkKeys is a pre-employment assessment. We have a test battery in six areas: Applied Technology, Applied Mathematics, Reading and Locating Information, Teamwork and Observation.

There are other types of assessments that are used to gain employment. Another example would be our Information Technology exams such as our CompTIA A+ exam or Cisco exams.

Other assessments um... our Department of Insuranceuhwe also have our Safety test such as OSHA and we have various health and medical exams. Umone example would be the EXCPT, which is the Examination Certification for Pharmacy Technicians.

I've mentioned a lot of tests, but if you want more information, visit us on the web and click on Workforce Solutions. The Assessment Center is open Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Some assessments may be made by appointment only.

We've created a booklet that lists our prices and services. And if you would like more information, Please contact me Gina Marwa at 534-3490 or e-mail me at

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