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Clemens Fine Arts Center

Gail Robinson-Butler explains what's happening in the Clemens Fine Arts Center during November 2011.


Tammy Thompson: Welcome back to Campus Spotlight, I'm your host Tammy Thompson. In this addition, we're going to be telling you all about what's happening in the Clemens Fine Arts Center in the month of November. Let me give you a hint, the King of Rock'n Roll and Songwriters from Nashville, Tennessee. Here to tell you all about it is Gail Robinson-Butler.


Gail Robinson-Butler: We'll kick off November with a great show, the Songs of Elvis featuring Paducah's own Terry Mike Jeffrey. But what a lot of people don't know about Terry is that he has a Grammy nomination for a children's song that he wrote for Sesame Street, that he was the music director for the Elvis show, which opened Off Broadway in New York City several years ago, as well as playing the young Elvis in that particular show, he is um... seen frequently regularly at Graceland as tributes to Elvis, and he also does all of the new Elvis cruises.'s a great gig, I'd love to have it. And joining Terry Mike and the band for this particular show will be DJ Fontana, who played drums originally in the early days of Elvis for fourteen years, and he did the Ed Sullivan show, lots of the Elvis movies and several of Elvis' television specials. Joining them as well that night, will be Glen D Hardin and Glen played with the TCB Band with Elvis and he played with them for six years. He did keyboards as well as the music arrangements for several of Elvis' huge
hits. On Saturday, November 19th, we're lucky to have the West Kentucky Chapter of the Nashville Association of Songwriters International. We created a partnership with NASI several years back and they meet on our campus once a month on every second Monday of the month from 6:00-8:00. We invite our students to join them - they're in the Student Center. They bring in professional songwriters from Music Row in Nashville, and they do songwriting workshops and so these are uh...accessible to our students who have that interest. And on that night, we'll have six of the songwriters from the West Kentucky chapter and they all do an awesome job, so we're very excited to do another Backstage Pass with NASI this
year. The Clemens Fine Arts Center is located in the Clemens Fine Arts and Student Center building and the ticket office is located in that building as well. Just follow the signs and it'll take you right back to the ticket sales point. And uh... for the Elvis show, you can get your tickets online at or simply call (270) 534-3212 or just come back and get your tickets from Julie Moore who will be happy to see you and greet you with a smile. For the Backstage Pass shows, those are door sales only. Minimum price, you can't go to a movie for they cost - six dollars at the door. So tickets are very easy, we try to make it is easy for you as possible. So come on out and enjoy the shows.

Tammy Thompson: Well that does it for this edition of Campus Spotlight. You can see is in four ways - I know you all have heard it before but I'm going to tell you again. You can see it on the college YouTube page, the college Facebook page, the college Web site at, and on Channel 2. We'll see you next time on Campus Spotlight.