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Tammy Thompson: Welcome back to Campus Spotlight, the program that tells you what's happening on the West Kentucky Community and Technical College campus. I'm your host Tammy Thompson and I have with me Gail Robinson Butler -- who's going to be telling do you what's happening in the month of January at the Clemens Fine Arts Center.

Gail Robinson Butler: I'm Gail Robinson Butler and I'm the director of the Clemens Fine Arts Center on the campus of WKCTC. Heat up January with us because we have one of the hottest new country acts that's been around lately. Her name is Sunny Sweeney. if you listen to country radio at all you have her on the radio a lot. She's famous for her song, "From a TableAway" which is kind of a tearjerker crying in your beer kind of song. But then she also has a new song out called "Staying is Worse than Leaving" and both of those are getting ready to takeoff. Her album concrete was released -- let's see -- it was released in August, on August 27th. It was the iTunes download of the week featured on the Facebook sidebar so watch for Sunny. She's and the same management company asWynonna Judd -- so if that tells you anything. You don't want to miss this show. On January 12th - February 10th we have another awesome opportunity for our visual arts exhibitions. It's something brand new to our gallery. We are doing and invitational for ceramic work. We are inviting ceramic artists, who work mostly in clay from across the nation to submit pieces of their work to us. So it should be an awesome show. Again we will have an art opening reception on the 12th of January and ... it should be a great time for all. We'll have some music, we'll have great food, you'll get to meet the Paducah School of Art faculty. It should be a good time. The gallery and the theater are located in the Clemens Student Center Fine Arts Building and for tickets for Sunny Sweeney you can visit You can come into our office just follow the signs and they will lead to right to Julie Moore who will be happy to sell you our tickets or you can call us at (270) 534-3212 and if I wanted to see Sunny Sweeney I'd be getting my tickets fast.

Tammy Thompson: Well I don't know about you, but I'm going right now to get my tickets for Sunny Sweeney. I hope you've enjoyed this edition of Campus Spotlight. Don't forget where you can see us -- the four outlets: our Facebook page, our YouTube channel, and on Channel 2. We'll see you next time on Campus Spotlight.