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Tammy Thompson: Welcome back to campus spotlight where we tell you about the events and activities happening on the campus of West Kentucky Community and Technical College. I'm your host Tammy Thompson. How would you like to jump on a plane and travel to Peru this summer? Well, the West Kentucky study abroad program is providing you with the opportunity to do just that. Here is Pat Blaine.


Pat Blaine: Hi, I am Pat Blaine and I am the Professor of Education at West Kentucky Community and Technical College. I'm also the group leader for the study abroad program and this year we're going to Peru. Our dates are from June 11 through 19. We will fly into the capital city of Lima. We will spend two days there, then we'll go to Cusco. In Cusco will spend four nights. We will spend one night in Machu Picchu, go back to Cusco and then home. If you'd like to know more about that, you can visit The EF Web site at and pull up a full itinerary by putting into tour #1010605. The study abroad program works for West Kentucky students in that they can enroll in classes uh... for the Peru trip we are just offering one course that offers three hours of credit, which is Spanish Culture: Focus on Peru. And students will begin the class online, two weeks prior to traveling to Peru. They will write a journal while they're in Peru and then two weeks after they've returned, they'll be doing final projects and presentations. But mostly they will be studying on the culture of Peru. The course is a cultural studies course and it's three credit hours. Of course students aren't required to take the course that goes along with the trip to Peru. They may choose not to. They may just want to travel instead. Maybe they don't even need the credit hours. So they have that option, but the tuition is included with the cost if they do so choose to take the class. But they're not the only ones that get that option. Anyone in the community may go along with us if they so choose and they might want to audit or take the courses as well. It's a great opportunity to learn about the culture of another country. Some may think that the cost is rather high for this trip but it does include many things. It includes air travel, it includes all land transportation, all hotel expenses, most meals, a guide to go along, a bus driver - almost everything other than souvenirs and a few lunches are included on the trip. So it really is a very very good price for where we're going. You know, our scholarships are so important and the fundraising is so important, I would really like for you to hear from one of our students, and I have Hannah Hudson that I think that you will really enjoy hearing from.

Hannah Hudson: My name is Hannah Hudson and I am a WKCTC student, and I am going on the study abroad trip to Peru in June. And I initially signed up because I like to travel, and I was really excited. But when I found out that one of our days is spent in Cusco, we are going to have an option to go to an orphanage, and I just have such a heart for orphans that really sold me on the trip. You know as a poor college student, the money can be really daunting at first. But when I found that I can get the two-hundred dollar scholarship that definitely helped and I'd started raising as soon as I had been signed up. And really as long as you budget your money, and you start putting that money back early, the money really should never be a huge issue and with the community and the school helping us as much as they have with fundraisers, that definitely helps out a whole lot. I'm very excited about this trip, getting to go, but also taking the classes, I'll be learning about Peru before and after I go, so it'll be a really good way to prep for the trip and then kind of get acclimated back to the Western Kentucky way of things afterwards. But I have been to Southeast Asia, and I've been in Mexico before so to get to go to Peru and broaden my horizons even more is just a great opportunity that was just to good to pass up.

Tammy Thompson: Well, like Pat said if you want more information about the trip to Peru, you can go to and you need to look for the tour #1010605 or if you need to talk to Pat you can call her at 270-534-3207 or email her at Well, that does it for this edition of Campus Spotlight. Don't forget you can see us on the college's Facebook page, Web site, youtube page, and on Channel 2, so we'll see you next time on Campus Spotlight.