Paducah School of Art Students

Tammy: Welcome back to Campus Spotlight, the program that focuses on all the events, activities and people of West Kentucky Community and Technical College. On this edition you're going to meet two students from the Paducah School of Art who have made outstanding achievements. Here's John Cannon. Music and Open: John Cannon: Hi, I'm John Cannon and I'm an artist and I'm a student at the Paducah School of Art. Yes I've always wanted to be an artist from around the age of three, uh...I was at home wearing a Walt Disney shirt, a Mickey Mouse shirt that I got from Disney World. And I was looking down at the image and drawing it right side up on my paper and that's when my family realized I had some sort of talent. Most of my art is inspired by ah...childhood fears and imagination. Um...I like to give ah...the viewer a sense of... the sense of vulnerability that the child in my paintings portray or the images in my drawing. I work a lot in realism. Stuff that's really close to being accepted in our world, but it's just a little bit too far past it be acceptable. In 2003, I graduated from West Kentucky Community and Technical College for architecture. And I found out that it really wasn't enough art involved in architecture for what I wanted to spend the rest of my life doing. And then I found out about the Paducah School of Art and they offer an Associate a Fine Arts degree, and I knew that was something that I would wanted to spend the rest of my life doing because I'm very passionate about my art. The faculty and staff offered all the students that are in the Associate of Fine Arts degree program opportunity to go to Nashville for a national portfolio day. Uh...there are multiple schools from around the country all the way out to ah...pacific northwest...uh...The School of the Art Institute in Chicago, Watkins in Nashville where the portfolio day was held. Uh...I know...uh..and a few other students in our school were offered scholarships from various schools. Uh...I personally got offered a merit scholarship to The School of the Art Institute of Chicago...uh...where I will be transferring this fall. well as grants equaling over $100,000 over a four year period to receive my bachelor's of Fine Arts. I'm very excited about the opportunity to go to Chicago. It's one of the top art schools in the nation. Students come from come from around the world to go there. I've always wanted to ever since I was in high school, and I never thought I'd have the chance, and it's all pretty much accredited to the Paducah School of Art. Uh...I wouldn't have had the opportunity to build my portfolio, to do the type of work that I'm's helped me just numerous numerous ways - it's changed my life honestly. Um...cause I wouldn't have had the opportunity to go to Chicago. It's too's just out of my reach honestly, and this school's really helped me to achieve this. I'm very grateful for it. If anybody is interested in for their career...if you're a senior and you want to come down and take free classes that's offered too. And it's great, all the teachers are masters. It's an accredited school, it's worth every penny. It's great. Tammy: Thanks John. Now I'd like to introduce you to Mark Watkins who was a finalist the 2012 International Photo Competition. Mark Watkins: Hi, my name is Mark Watkins. I am what they call a non-traditional student enrolled in the Paducah School of Art. I enrolled in the Paducah in order to learn how to use a digital SLR camera..uh...other than automatic mode all the time. running a camera in automatic it takes the enthusiasm out of photography. Well basically, I already have a...I'm not doing it for a career, I'm a chemical operator and that's my full-time occupation..but basically it's for a hobby, and I...just enrolled in the Paducah School of Art to learn more about the camera and how to operate it. I'm currently in second semester of digital photography or Digital Photography II. But in our first semester, they really encouraged us to step out and ah...enter an international photo contest with 18,000 contestants. O.K. I entered the Nikon Photo Contest, the 32nd Annual Photo Contest and um... my piece titled "Serenity" uh....was selected as one of the finalists. Uh... so if you're interested in in photography, I would highly recommend the Paducah School of Art whether for a career or a hobby like me. Tammy: We're very proud of both John and Mark and all of our students at the Paducah School Art. Well that does it for this edition of Campus Spotlight. We'll see you next time. Music and Credits: