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Welcome back to Campus Spotlight where you find out what's happening on the campus ofWest Kentucky Community and Technical College. I'm your host Tammy Thompson. What's happening next in the Clemens Fine Arts Center - The Hunts. Gail Robinson-Butler is here to tell you all about it. GAIL ROBINSON-BUTLER: I'm Gail Robinson-Butler and I'm the Director of the Clemens Fine Arts Center on campus. And I want to share with you an event that's coming to us on March 8th of 2014. A hot, new group called The Hunts. They're a group of young people, actually they're siblings and they have been performing together for years so their harmonies are perfection; their vocals are wonderful; their instrumentation is also great; all the kids play at least three instruments. They will be here again on March 8th of 2014. They've just signed with Cherrytree Labels so you can be some of the first people to see them. Buy your tickets now at 270-534-3212 or at

THE HUNTS, Lyrics: "I can see, I can see your heart through

your eyes on that night from the balcony."

TAMMY THOMPSON: Thanks Gail. That's one concert I don't want to miss. Well, that does it for this edition of Campus Spotlight. We'll see you next time.

CREDITS/THE HUNTS, Lyrics: "You and I caught up in wind like we were parachutes, oh how we'd fly until we hit the ground. How did we ever make this leap. Oooo, oooo ooooo."