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Leadership Team

Anton Reece President's Message to Students

Dr. Anton R. Reece
David HeflinDr. David Heflin
Vice President
Academic Affairs
Dr. Belinda A. Dalton-Russell
Vice President
Student Development
Karen HlinkaDr. Karen Hlinka
Interim Associate Vice President
Academic Affairs
Nate SlatonNate Slaton
Vice President
Enrollment Management

Susan Graves13Susan Graves
Vice President
Business Affairs



Lee EmmonsLee Emmons
Vice President
Institutional Advancement and Development

Renea AkinDr. Renea Akin
Associate Vice President
Institutional Planning Research
and Effectiveness

Kevin O'NeillKevin O'Neill
Interim Vice President
Workforce and Economic Development




Bridget CanterBridget Canter
Human Resources
Janett BlytheJanett Blythe
Marketing and Public Relations