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Crystal Rothrock

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Crystal Rothrock in front of her workplace

Crystal Rothrock, Arlington, ‘03
Director of Information Technology
Housing Authority of Paducah

During her last semester at WKCTC, Crystal received a telephone call from DeAnn Batts, IT professor at WKCTC. There was an internship opportunity at the Housing Authority of Paducah. She worked three summers part-time while finishing her degree and was hired full-time in January 2006 at Housing Authority of Paducah. “If it weren’t for DeAnn, I wouldn’t have known about the internship. She was a constant encouragement to me throughout my time at WKCTC and beyond.” Fifteen years later, Crystal is the director of information technology at the Housing Authority of Paducah. “The instruction and mentoring I received at WKCTC was the gateway to my academic and professional career. My professors not only taught me, they inspired and encouraged me.”

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