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J.D. Pullen

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J.D. Pullen in front of his workplace

J.D. Pullen, '16
Lourdes in Paducah

U.S. Marine Veteran J.D. Pullen put his dream of being nurse on hold as he worked several jobs to support his family.  “I spent 11 and half years at my last job where I assumed I’d retire, only to find out at 46, I no longer had a job.”

With the unwavering support of his wife and three sons, J.D. knew it was time to follow his dream. He graduated with an associate in applied science degree in nursing in 2016. Now working as a nurse at Lourdes Hospital, J.D. encourages others to follow their dreams.“If you have been thirsting for change and would like to go back to school to chase after a dream, but think you’re too old or it’s too late. It’s not true and never has been.”

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