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Victor Escavante

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Victor Escavante in front of his workplace

Victor Escavante, Mayfield, ‘12
Safety Engineering
Apex Engineering

Victor Escalante had no idea what he wanted to do after graduating from Mayfield High School in 2011. He first learned about WKCTC when UK College of Engineering at Paducah representatives visited the high school to discuss the opportunity to earn a bachelor’s degree in mechanical or chemical engineering in Paducah. Victor enrolled at West Kentucky in fall 2011, earned an associate in science degree and graduated from the engineering school with an UK degree in chemical engineering in May 2015.  He interned with Apex Engineering in Calvert City while attending the engineering school and was hired full-time as a safety engineer just one month after graduation. “My mom always said, ‘do your best; someone will take notice and something good will always come out of it.’ For me, that something good was West Kentucky.”

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