Channel 2 Current Schedule

Monday, April 2
8:00am Veteran's Voice
8:30am Inside Northern KY
9:00am Regional Educators Awards Program
11:00am Community Billboard
4:00pm kNOwmore Non Profits
4:30pm Minority Focus
5:00pm Tourism Talk
5:30pm Reflections
6:00pm Quilt Museum TV
6:30pm KY Afield
7:00pm Kentucky Muslim Woman Fights Hate With Humor
8:00pm WKCTC Student Development Leadership Recogntion Luncheon Red Carpet Event

Tuesday, April 3
8:00am Black History Month: Amanda Joyce
9:00am WKCTC Student Development Leadership Recogntion Luncheon Red Carpet Event
11:00am Community Billboard
4:00pm Downstream
4:30pm L.I.F.E. After Lockup
5:00pm Community Service Spotlight
5:30pm KY Cancer Program
6:00pm The Heart of Collaboration
6:30pm New Pathways
7:00pm kNOwmore Non Profits
7:30pm Minority Focus
8:00pm Tourism Talk
8:30pm Reflections
9:00pm Quilt Museum TV
9:30pm KY Afield

Wednesday, April 4
8:00am kNOwmore Non Profits
8:30am Minority Focus
9:00am Tourism Talk
9:30am Reflections
10:00am Quilt Museum TV
10:30am KY Afield
11:00am Community Billboard
4:00pm Berry Craig's Notebook
4:30pm The Road To Recovery
5:00pm No, You're Wrong
5:30pm Master Gardening
6:00pm West KY Academic Bowl
6:30pm Extraordinary Valor
7:00pm Downstream
7:30pm L.I.F.E. After Lockup
8:00pm Community Service Spotlight
8:30pm KY Cancer Program
9:00pm The Heart of Collaboration
9:30pm New Pathways

Thursday, April 5
8:00am Downstream
8:30am L.I.F.E. After Lockup
9:00am Community Service Spotlight
9:30am KY Cancer Program
10:00am The Heart of Collaboration
10:30am New Pathways
11:00am Community Billboard
4:00pm Veteran's Voice
4:30pm Inside Northern KY
5:00pm Backstage Pass
7:00pm Berry Craig's Notebook
7:30pm The Road To Recovery
8:00pm No, You're Wrong
8:30pm Master Gardening
9:00pm West KY Academic Bowl
9:30pm Extraordinary Valor

Friday, April 6
8:00am Berry Craig's Notebook
8:30am The Road To Recovery
9:00am No, You're Wrong
9:30am Master Gardening
10:00am West KY Academic Bowl
10:30am Extraordinary Valor
11:00am Community Billboard
4:00pm JD Wilkes
5:00pm WKCTC Student Development Leadership Recogntion Luncheon Red Carpet Event
7:00pm Veteran's Voice
7:30pm Inside Northern KY
8:00pm Backstage Pass

Saturday, April 7
12:00am Community Bulletin Board

Sunday, April 8
8:00am Stewart Girl Ministries
12:00pm Grace and Truth Ministries