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Due to inclement weather, WKCTC will be closed on Tuesday, November 12.

Channel 2 Current Schedule

Sunday 8:00 AM Stewart Girl Ministries
Sunday 12:00 PM Grace and Truth Ministries
Monday 8:00 AM Veterans Voice
Monday 8:30 AM Inside Northern Kentucky
Monday 9:00 AM Extraordinary Kentucky Women
Monday 10:00 AM Michelle Cox, Author
Monday 12:00 PM Crowley's Ridge at WKCTC REPLAY
Monday 4:00 PM Minority Focus
Monday 4:30 PM WKCTC Going Pro
Monday 5:00 PM Tourism Talk
Monday 5:30 PM Reflections
Monday 6:00 PM Quilt Museum TV
Monday 6:30 PM Kentucky Afield
Monday 7:00 PM Expungement Clinic
Monday 8:00 PM Tech Connect
Tuesday 8:00 AM Expungement Clinic
Tuesday 9:00 AM Tech Connect
Tuesday 12:00 PM Crowley's Ridge at WKCTC REPLAY
Tuesday 4:00 PM Downstream
Tuesday 4:30 PM LIFE After Lockup
Tuesday 5:00 PM Community Service Spotlight
Tuesday 5:30 PM KY Cancer Program
Tuesday 6:00 PM Heart of Collaboration
Tuesday 6:30 PM New Pathways
Tuesday 7:00 PM Minority Focus
Tuesday 7:30 PM WKCTC Going Pro
Tuesday 8:00 PM Tourism Talk
Tuesday 8:30 PM Reflections
Tuesday 9:00 PM Quilt Museum TV
Tuesday 9:30 PM Kentucky Afield
Wednesday 8:00 AM Minority Focus
Wednesday 8:30 AM WKCTC Going Pro
Wednesday 9:00 AM Tourism Talk
Wednesday 9:30 AM Reflections
Wednesday 10:00 AM Quilt Museum TV
Wednesday 10:30 AM Kentucky Afield
Wednesday 12:00 PM Crowley's Ridge at WKCTC REPLAY
Wednesday 4:00 PM Berry Craig's Notebook
Wednesday 4:30 PM Berry Craig's Notebook
Wednesday 5:00 PM NAACP-Power to the People
Wednesday 5:30 PM Master Gardening
Wednesday 6:00 PM The Fabulous Fifties and Beyond
Wednesday 6:30 PM WKCTC - A StormReady Supporter
Wednesday 7:00 PM Downstream
Wednesday 7:30 PM LIFE After Lockup
Wednesday 8:00 PM Community Service Spotlight
Wednesday 8:30 PM KY Cancer Program
Wednesday 9:00 PM Heart of Collaboration
Wednesday 9:30 PM New Pathways
Thursday 8:00 AM Downstream
Thursday 8:30 AM LIFE After Lockup
Thursday 9:00 AM Community Service Spotlight