Channel 2 Current Schedule

Weekly Program Guide for Ch 2

Sunday 8:00 AM Stewart Girl Ministries
Sunday 12:00 PM Grace and Truth Ministries
Sunday 12:00 PM Grace and Truth
Monday 8:00 AM Veterans Voice
Monday 8:30 AM Inside Northern KY
Monday 9:00 AM Backstage Pass: Shannon Vetter
Monday 10:30 AM The Poet's Medicine Show
Monday 4:00 PM kNOwMORE
Monday 4:30 PM Minority Focus
Monday 5:00 PM Tourism Talk-Carson Center
Monday 5:30 PM Reflections
Monday 6:00 PM Quilt Museum TV
Monday 6:30 PM Kentucky Afield
Monday 7:00 PM Poetry Reading with Amy Wright
Monday 8:00 PM IT Connect Keynote
Monday 9:00 PM Poetry Jam
Tuesday 8:00 AM Poetry Reading with Amy Wright
Tuesday 9:00 AM IT Connect Keynote
Tuesday 10:00 AM Poetry Jam
Tuesday 4:00 PM Downstream
Tuesday 4:30 PM L.I.F.E. After Lockup
Tuesday 5:00 PM Community Service Spotlight
Tuesday 5:30 PM KY Cancer Program
Tuesday 6:00 PM The Heart of Collaboration
Tuesday 6:30 PM New Pathways
Tuesday 7:00 PM kNOwMORE
Tuesday 7:30 PM Minority Focus
Tuesday 8:00 PM Tourism Talk-Carson Center
Tuesday 8:30 PM Reflections
Tuesday 9:00 PM Quilt Museum TV
Tuesday 9:30 PM Kentucky Afield
Wednesday 8:00 AM kNOwMORE
Wednesday 8:30 AM Minority Focus
Wednesday 9:00 AM Tourism Talk-Carson Center
Wednesday 9:30 AM Reflections
Wednesday 10:00 AM Quilt Museum TV
Wednesday 10:30 AM Kentucky Afield
Wednesday 4:00 PM Berry Craig's Notebook
Wednesday 4:30 PM The Road To Recovery
Wednesday 5:00 PM No, You're Wrong
Wednesday 5:30 PM Master Gardening
Wednesday 6:00 PM Fabulous Fifties & Beyond
Wednesday 6:30 PM WK Academic Bowl
Wednesday 7:00 PM Downstream
Wednesday 7:30 PM L.I.F.E. After Lockup
Wednesday 8:00 PM Community Service Spotlight
Wednesday 8:30 PM KY Cancer Program
Wednesday 9:00 PM The Heart of Collaboration
Wednesday 9:30 PM New Pathways
Thursday 8:00 AM Downstream
Thursday 8:30 AM L.I.F.E. After Lockup
Thursday 9:00 AM Community Service Spotlight
Thursday 9:30 AM KY Cancer Program
Thursday 10:00 AM The Heart of Collaboration
Thursday 10:30 AM New Pathways
Thursday 4:00 PM Veterans Voice
Thursday 4:30 PM Inside Northern KY
Thursday 5:00 PM Backstage Pass: Shannon Vetter
Thursday 6:30 PM The Poet's Medicine Show
Thursday 7:00 PM Berry Craig's Notebook
Thursday 7:30 PM The Road To Recovery
Thursday 8:00 PM No, You're Wrong
Thursday 8:30 PM Master Gardening
Thursday 9:00 PM Fabulous Fifties & Beyond
Thursday 9:30 PM WK Academic Bowl
Friday 8:00 AM Berry Craig's Notebook
Friday 8:30 AM The Road To Recovery
Friday 9:00 AM No, You're Wrong
Friday 9:30 AM Master Gardening
Friday 10:00 AM Fabulous Fifties & Beyond
Friday 10:30 AM WK Academic Bowl
Friday 4:00 PM Poetry Reading with Amy Wright
Friday 5:00 PM IT Connect Keynote
Friday 6:00 PM Poetry Jam
Friday 7:00 PM Veterans Voice
Friday 7:30 PM Inside Northern KY
Friday 8:00 PM Backstage Pass: Shannon Vetter
Friday 9:30 PM The Poet's Medicine Show