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Job opportunities in the electrical industry cover a wide range of activities including electrical maintenance and construction. Training in the Electrical Technology program is broad in scope and designed to meet the needs of students seeking careers in any branch of the electrical industry. The skills acquired while enrolled in the electrical technology program prepare students for positions such as plant and factory supervision, industrial electrical maintenance, as well as residential, commercial and industrial electrical construction. Job duties might include maintaining and monitoring electrical and electronic equipment used in process control and product fabrication. The installation and calibration of electrical equipment and components in residential, commercial and industrial environments are also areas which demand the skills of trained technicians. Salaries would range from $8 per hour at entry level to $30 plus per hour for qualified, experienced electricians. Check out our flyer.

Program Standing: Students enrolled in the MIT: Electrical Technology program are required to achieve a minimum grade of C in the technical core and in those courses selected as technical electives.

Credential Opportunities

ASSOCIATE DEGREE IN APPLIED SCIENCE in MIT: Electrical Technology with the following specializations:



Length of Program

Students seeking an Associate in Applied Science degree can complete the program in 60-68 credit hours. Those seeking a diploma can complete their plan of study in 45-60 credit hours. Certificates embedded within the diploma may be awarded as credential requirements are met. Day classes are offered during two 16week semesters (August-December and January-May) each academic year. Dual credit coursesare accepted from local high school districts and allow the student to enter in their second semester of the program.

Admission Requirements

There are no special admission requirements for this program. Please consult WKCTCsgeneral admission requirements.

Industry Related Associations:
International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers International

Contact Information

Brad Newborn - Program Coordinator

Lyman "Bo" Powell - Instructor