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Step Test Information

Institutionally developed and administered exams provide an opportunity to demonstrate mastery of course content and receive credit toward program requirements. The student must be accepted for admission and enrolled in the college and apply for the exam through the Student Records Office in room 112 of the Anderson Technical Building.

Charges for Special Examination

Special examinations are course specific and charges are separate from regular tuition charges. Special examination charges are payable in full at the time the examination is scheduled. Contact the business office for a listing of all charges.

Students who are enrolled in courses for which they elect to take a special examination in lieu of completing the course must officially withdraw from the course. The withdrawal date determines the status of the students assessment, refund, and grade for the enrollment period. All special examination credit is awarded using the test credit process. In such instances, a grade will not be awarded on the current term grade report.

Procedure for Special Examination

In order for students to begin the special examination process, they must first contact their instructor. If the instructor agrees to offer a special examination, the student must visit the Records Office to obtain a Step Test form. All information on the form must be filled out and all signatures obtained. The student must bring the form to the Business Office in order to pay the appropriate charges. Finally, the Step Test form must be returned to the Records Office in order for credit to be awarded.