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Scholarship Opportunities for Donors

Donor-funded scholarships help ensure that students, who otherwise might not be able to complete their education, can do so successfully. Donors may include:

  • Alumni and community members
  • Service organizations
  • Businesses
  • College staff, faculty, and students

Scholarships can be endowed or funded on an annual basis or your donation can be made to the colleges General Scholarship Fund. The following is a list of the types of scholarships that may be established:

  1. Endowed scholarships are invested in Paducah Junior Colleges endowment portfolio. Only the interest, dividends, and gains are awarded to students. These scholarships are awarded annually in perpetuity. The minimum endowment investment is $20,000.
  2. Annual scholarships allow all the funds you donate to Paducah Junior College to be awarded as a scholarship.
  3. Quasi-endowment scholarships allow donors to create an endowed scholarship through a series of annual contributions.

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