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Exposure Series

This series enables both the audience and artist the opportunity to explore ideas about our world with an interdisciplinary and more mission-based approach while examining the creative process in the real world.

Clemens Fine Arts Center Stage
November 9
7:30 PM
Kristen Reeves

Reeves’s interdisciplinary projects provide a spectacular canvas to develop inquiries into media-as-performer. Her expanded cinema work looks more critically at representation, bodily exploitation, structures of power, and gets as close as possible to the high-wire act of being human.

Clemens Fine Arts Center Gallery

February 29
6 PM
Socialism, Capitalism and Modern Democracy - Panel Discussion

 A century ago, many cities in the United States elected socialist mayors. Socialist ideas have influenced important federal programs like Social Security and Medicaid. This panel discussion will explore a new movement towards socialism in the United States and look at it through the lenses of economics, politics, sociology and ethics.