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Evolve Admission Assessment Exam (A2) - Nursing

The Evolve Admission Assessment Exam (A2) is currently being administered with remote proctoring. Please click for a seamless registration process.  This link will take you to the HESI (Evolve) test-taker portal. It is very important to read and follow the instructions exactly as written. 


The Admission Assessment Exam (A2) consists of six (6) exam areas, four (4) of which will be used to calculate the cumulative score.

English Language—two subtests:

  • Reading comprehension: measures reading comprehension, identifying the main idea, finding meaning of words in context, passage comprehension, making logical inferences, etc. 
    Time allotment: 50 minutes.
  • Vocabulary and General Knowledge: vocabulary terms that are used commonly in both general English speaking and in the health care fields. 
    Time  allotment: 50 minutes.

Focuses on math skills needed for health care fields, including basic addition, subtraction, multiplication, fraction, decimal, ratio and proportion, household measures, general math facts, etc. 
Time allotment: 50 minutes 

Anatomy & Physiology provides coverage of general terminology and anatomical structures and systems. 
Time Allotment: 25 minutes

Additional tests that are required but NOT included in cumulative score results include:

  • Personality profile: uses concept related to  introversion and extroversion to classify the student’s personality style. 
  • Learning Styles: assesses the preferred learning style of the student and offers test-taking and study tips suited to that learning style. 

The Admission Assessment Exam Review Study Guide (Elsevier, 5th Edition ISBN: 9780323582261) and is available thru the WKCTC bookstore.

Performance on each of the four (4) tests (reading comprehension, vocabulary and general knowledge , math and anatomy & physiology) is reported as both an individual composite score and as a combine cumulative score. The cumulative score will be used for nursing admissions.  Results are provided at the conclusion of the students examination and are available online for the student and nursing admission application.  It is the students responsibility to submit their score report to jackie.ginter@kctcs.edu.

Exam purchase is not refundable or transferrable to another test date.