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National League for Nursing (NLN) Preadmission Testing

Remote PAX Testing

The National League for Nursing (NLN) Preadmission Exam is currently being administered with remote proctoring.

The NLN is now administering the Preadmission Exam via HyFlex Proctorio proctoring.  They have provided a student guide that will walk you through the process of ordering and taking the exam from your home!

Student Guide for NLN HyFlex Poctorio Exams

Content of the Preadmission Exam (PAX) Accelerated Challenge Exam

The Pre-Admission Exam consists of three tests - Verbal Ability, Mathematics, and Science. One hour is allowed for each test.

Verbal Ability - Two subtests test knowledge of:

  • Word Knowledge: measures the student's ability to identify the meaning of a word as it is used in a sentence.
  • Reading Comprehension: assesses the ability to determine the main ideas and supporting details, draw conclusions, make inferences, and apply information to new situations.


Straight calculations and word problems cover basic operations (integers, decimals, fractions, and percents), algebra, geometry, conversions, graphs, and concepts.

Science - Five subtests test knowledge of:

  • General biology: (cell structure and function, evolutions, ecology, genetics, human anatomoy and physiology, and plant and animal biology).
  • Chemistry: (basic characteristics of matter, atoms and elements, types of chemical changes, gas law, electrochemistry, biochemistry, and organic chemistry).
  • Physics: (mechanics, thermodynamics, waves, electricity and magnetism, nuclear physics, and research procedures).
  • Earth Science: (astronomy, geology, and metrology).
  • Anatomy/Physiology: (basic understanding of Human Anatomy and Physiology).

Study Guide

Official NLN PAX Prep is available only through the NLN private bookstore. You will have access to the bookstore after you set up you NLN account.

Scoring and Reporting

Performance on each of the three tests (Verbal, Math, and Science) is reported as a percentile score and relative performance (comparing to a reference group of applicants to nursing programs). Nursing admission points are based on the PERCENTILE score.
Results of your Pre-Admission and Accelerated Challenge exam scores will be generated approximately 4hrs after exam completion. The official test results will be placed in your permanent file in the Admissions and Records office. Students will have access to their score report through their NLN account.  It is the students responsibility to submit their score report to