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New Logo and Website Makeover Brings a Fresh Look for WKCTC

PADUCAH, KY (07/19/2018) West Kentucky Community and Technical College has a fresh look that includes a new logo and updated, more student-focused website.

The new logo and revamped website are part of the Kentucky Community and Technical College System's (KCTCS) 20-year anniversary authentic identity project, which celebrates KCTCS' two decades as the state's ninth public postsecondary institution. The project, which was over a year in the making, created a new logo and significant website makeover for each of the 16 colleges and the system office.

"The system has evolved during its first 20 years, and the time was right to learn what KCTCS means to students, faculty and staff as well as prospective students - our authentic identity," said Mary Hemlepp, KCTCS Senior Communications Strategist Research was conducted internally and externally to lead to greater clarity about the system's critical role in Kentucky. Research findings show people believe the system's 16 colleges help students have a better life and that our colleges are beacons of hope in their communities, said Hemlepp.

The new logos, a contemporary version of the original college logos, features a sunrise inside the state, and the sun has 16 rays that represent the 16 colleges. Authentic identity research participants said the sun shows a bright future, hope and opportunity. They also wanted the logo to include the state because it shows colleges are part of a larger, statewide education system.

The college websites makeover was designed to bring them more in line with technology and to encompass features prospective students expect to find in a college website. It includes more photos and videos that are more directly related to students' lives on and off campus to reflect the authentic identity research findings.

"WKCTC is enthusiastic about our new logo and website makeover," said WKCTC President Dr. Anton Reece. "These key changes reiterate our commitment to enriching the student education experience, access, and awareness of the comprehensive resources customized for students to have better lives."