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Calvert City Community Advisory Team Provides Scholarships for WKCTC Industrial Maintenance and University of Kentucky Engineering Students

PADUCAH, KY (05/07/2018) During its Tuesday, April 24 meeting, the Calvert City Community Advisory Team (CCCAT) donated $10,000 for student scholarships to West Kentucky Community and Technical College (WKCTC) and the University of Kentucky College of Engineering at Paducah (UK). WKCTC received $5,000 to be awarded fall 2018 to five eligible industrial maintenance students. UK also received $5,000 to be awarded fall 2018 to five junior and/or senior students studying mechanical or chemical engineering at the Paducah campus.

"The CCCAT is pleased to once again fund the industrial maintenance and engineering scholarships at WKCTC and the UK College of Engineering Paducah campus," said David Huyck, Westlake Vinyls, Inc. plant manager. "We believe the entire community benefits from an educated, well-trained workforce. It is a privilege to assist motivated young people gain the skills and knowledge needed for future employment," he continued.

"Each fall and spring semester, the CCCAT donates money to area schools through grants that support STEM related projects," said Toni Darnall, Evonik Corporation environmental manager. The CCCAT was pleased last year to add $10,000 in funding at WKCTC on its campus for engineering and industrial maintenance scholarships and the UK College of Engineering at Paducah. "We believe the target audience for these scholarships will increase the partnership between the university, college, industry, and the students," Darnall said.

Dalton Leach, a Marshall County resident and recent new member of the CCCAT, was in attendance Tuesday evening. A student at WKCTC and a 2017 recipient of a $1,000 CCCAT Scholarship, Leach expressed his thanks to the group for sponsoring this scholarship. "This scholarship has helped reduce the financial burden of continuing my education," he said.

Lee Emmons, WKCTC vice president of institutional advancement, explained that the scholarships provided by the advisory team have a direct impact on education and workforce readiness for the region. "WKCTC is grateful for this generous commitment from our industry partners, which expands opportunities through direct student assistance. Funding for these scholarships is an investment in our students and our region as a whole," she said.

Formed in 1992, the Community Advisory Team (CCCAT) is made up of local citizens and representatives of several Calvert City chemical and industrial plants. CCCAT members work to promote science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) education, encourage awareness of critical issues in the area, and enhance emergency preparedness in the region.

"UK Engineering values its relationships with the Calvert City community and the plants in the area and appreciates this tangible support for students that often have significant unmet financial need as they approach completion of their studies," stated Dr. David Silverstein, Professor of Chemical and Materials Engineering and Director of the UK College of Engineering Programs in Paducah.

Companies that participate in the Calvert City Community Advisory Team are Arkema, Inc.; Ashland, Inc.; Clean Earth, Inc.; Carbide Industries, LCC; Cymetech Corporation; Estron Chemical, Inc.; Evonik Corporation; Lubrizol Advanced Materials, Inc.; Sekisui SC; Wacker Chemical Corporation; and Westlake Vinyls, Inc.

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