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All-USA Academic Team Nominations

Its time once again for us to collect nominations for the All-USA Academic Team. Each college is allowed to nominate two individuals. Download form to be used for the nominations. Its important that the nominator complete the form, demonstrating their familiarity with the student. Please dont just submit the name of a good student and ask the committee to find out about them. Nominations are due to Kevin Gericke by Sept. 25.

As a reminder, the student needs to be graduating in fall 2013 or spring 2014. They must have a minimum GPA of 3.5. They dont have to be a member of PTK, but it helps. They MUST also have demonstrated leadership and campus/community involvement. Having good grades in the classroom is never enough. The winners are the ones who are strong leaders outside the classroom and have a story to tell. It also helps if the student is capable of clearly expressing themselves in writing.

In the spring, we solicit nominations for the All-KCTCS Academic Team; those nominees are the ones that speak at graduation, and must be graduating in May 2014. In past years we have had the All-USA nominees also be the All-KCTCS, but it is not always that way.

Again, please return forms to Kevin Gericke by Sept. 25. As always, I appreciate your support as we try to identify and honor the best our college has to represent us at the national level.