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Carlisle County Students at CLC

For the first time since 2006, Carlisle County students got the chance to fly a mission at Challenger Learning Center on November 11. The mission was made possible thanks to a donation by S.M. Stoller Corporation, one of the leading providers of environmental, nuclear, and technical consulting and engineering services to the Department of Defense, Department of Energy and private sector.

The $1,000 donation from the company's Kevil office brought fifty-one Carlisle County sixth graders to the center. Kevil's Senior Program Manager, Jim Erickson and Corporate Liaison, Ann Erickson were on hand to see the excitement of the students as they flew the centers moon mission.

"I am so excited we got to have a field trip and we got to come here; I love science," said Gyllian Hinman.

Ann Erickson said in talking with Mellisa Duncan, CLC director, about the wish list for the center, at the top of the list, was making the center available to more students in the region. Duncan said that Carlisle County was one of the school districts that couldn't afford the field trip to the center over the past several years.

"We have a number of our employees that work in Carlisle County, which hit a little closer to home for us in respect to where our office is located and where our projects are. So we decided that was a great place to spend the money," said Ann Erickson. The money came from corporate goodwill dollars, and giving back to make a positive impact on the local community is something we like to do at all our sites across the country, said Jim Erickson.

The mission of the Challenger Learning Center at Paducah is to improve the quality of science, technology, engineering and math education (STEM) by providing opportunities for all in our region to participate in quality real-life experiences, attain knowledge and become life-long learners.

"We're particularly looking for primary and secondary education extra-curricular activities that support the STEM disciplines that give kids the opportunity to see how their studies in those areas can be applied in the real world," said Ann Erickson. "We hire geologists, scientists and engineers - all the skills they will touch upon here today," said Jim Erickson.

For more information about CLC educational opportunities, contact Mellisa Duncan at 270-534-3097 or