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Congratulations October Student of the Month!

Education major, Whitney Aspery, has been selected as the October Student of the Month. Whitney aspires to teach elementary math and science.

"This year, Whitney has made a conscious decision to truly make campus involvement part of her campus experience," said Dr. Kevin Gericke, PTK advisor. "She has stepped up and decided that she saw the value of campus involvement, and has proceeded to become very active in Phi Theta Kappa." Last year, Whitney was also active in the Future Educators Club and participated in a Read Across America activity at Morgan Elementary School.

Education Professor Pat Blaine said Whitney's conscientiousness in discussing her thoughts with her instructors and seeking their advice shows a high level of motivation. "Her high achievements in the classroom demonstrate both her academic abilities and perseverance in accepting challenge. Whitney is a shining star among our students, and I was delighted to be able to make the nomination for October Student of the Month," said Blaine. Congratulations Whitney!