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Determination Pays Off for Livingston County Resident Selected WKCTC February Student of the Month

Tracey Dismore was worried and intimidated about college when she began taking classes at West Kentucky Community and Technical College in spring 2011. Since then Dismore has chosen to become an active part of campus and make a conscious effort to build her self-confidence. That determination is paying off. She is flourishing on campus, and it shows, with her latest achievement of being selected as the WKCTC February Student of the Month.

I had no idea I had been nominated for such an award. When I first found out, I was ecstatic; nothing like this has ever happened to me before, said 22 year-old Dismore, a Livingston County resident. It makes me happy to know that everything I am doing is appreciated.

Currently working as a student worker in WKCTCs Trio Student Services, Dismore also serves as a student ambassador and is an active member the colleges mentoring and diversity and inclusion programs as well as the multicultural awareness club and the Exit 7 writing club. In addition, she volunteers for WKCTC Arts in Focus Series events and assists with basic computer classes for Senior Learners for Fun program.

Dismore, a differently-abled student, was homeschooled from kindergarten through high school and earned her GED in fall 2010. When she came through the doors of WKCTC for the first time, Dismore said she was scared she would do something wrong or would not be able to get around campus. I felt very scared of failing...and I didn't know how much my wheelchair would exclude me from others, but I feel very different today. She credits the colleges faculty and staff with helping her become a successful student. ....There are so many that would never just let me fail. They have all played a huge role in helping me out and building my self-confidence as far as knowing I can graduate and be like every one else. I feel confident, worthy and able to achieve my goals now.

This May Dismore will graduate with an associate in arts degree and plans to transfer to pursue a bachelors degree to become a psychologist with a minor in English. I hope to help young adults with depression for a time and then go ahead and specialize in human sexuality one day, said Dismore. Ialso want to do some work in writing columns about controversial topics associated with human sexuality in young adults and how to avoid these topics can lead to depression. I have been so blessed, and I, in return, want to make others feel that way as well.

WKCTC Trio Director Gail Bachuss said Dismores transformation into a confident, strong student is remarkable. I have witnessed Traceys strong identity with this college, her pride in representing this college, and her love of being a WKCTC student, said Bachuss. Tracey represents our college with her winning smile and new-found poise, but also with the story of a young woman persevering to reach her dream, said Bachuss. She is an active example of student success, a student who has been nurtured and provided opportunities at WKCTC to pursue her dream. I believe Tracey Dismore is what WKCTC is all about!

The Student of the Month program is designed to recognize the accomplishments of students on campus. Individuals selected must be currently enrolled atWKCTCand have maintained a cumulative grade point average of 2.0 or higher and are nominated on the basis of exceptional performance, personal attributes, academic excellence and active participation in various student organizational activities.

Student of the Month recipients receive $100, a certificate of excellence, recognition on theWKCTCFacebook page, campus announcements and Web site. Recipients are also recognized by PepsiMidAmericaand receive one free month's supply of their favorite Pepsi product.