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Don Maley Named Teacher of the Year

Communications Professor Donald Maley was named the 2012 Teacher of the Year at West Kentucky Community and Technical College (WKCTC) during a ceremony Thursday, April 26. It is the ninth time he has received the honor.

Maley, of Calvert City, was hired as an instructor at Paducah Community College in 1975. He earned his bachelors and masters degree from Murray State University and has participated in numerous plays and musicals at the Paducahs Market House Theatre and at the college. Maley plans to retire in May 2012.

With over 36 years of experience, the most challenging aspect of Maleys job is to remain relevant to the students. When parents are recommending to their children to take one of my classes, that means something to me, said Maley.

Maley is known for inspiring and motivating students and providing a theatrical approach to the classroom, said Dr. Barbara Veazey, WKCTC president.

Maley said, "When teaching a student, it is important to make it personal and in order to make it personal, I have to make it me."

Heather Cartney is a nursing student at WKCTC and had the opportunity to be in one of Maleys communication classes. "Professor Maley was able to bring his life-lessons to the classroom and even though his class was my first class of the morning, I couldn't help but enjoy it," said Cartney.

Nominees were selected by the WKCTC student body for the Teacher of the Year Award on March 30. Each WKCTC student had the opportunity to nominate a teacher.

To be eligible for the award, a nominee had to hold the rank of assistant professor or above and have been a member of the WKCTC teaching faculty for the past three years.

Nominees for 2012 Teacher of the year, listed by their divisions, were:
Allied Health and Personal Services
David Heflin
Peggy Block

Applied Technologies
David Franklin
Virgil Holland

Business, Computers and Related Technologies
Tiffinee Morgan
Allison McGullion

Business, Computers and Related Technologies
Kevin Gericke
Beverly Quimby

Humanities, Fine Arts, and Social Science
Gary Reese
Donald Maley

Sally Roof
Nancy Turner

Science and Mathematics
Karen Hlinka
Kelly Wright

Transitional Education
Pat Holler
Corey Wadlington