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Dr. Veazey Receives Spirit of Hope Award

Dr. Veazey receives Spirit of Hope award.WKCTC President Barbara Veazey received the Spirit of Hope award from the American Cancer Society during a fundraiser that raised more than $18,000 for the society.

The ACSs Spirit of Hope award annually recognizes the outstanding efforts of cancer survivors, caregivers, healthcare professionals and volunteers who give hope, courage, strength, security and life inspiration to others. The society presented Dr. Veazey with a painting by local artist Bill Ford.

Dr. Veazey told more than 200 ladies who attended the August 22, 2009 event in Lourdes Nemer Pavilion that hope took on a whole new meaning for her after she was diagnosed with breast cancer in August 2007. If I can be a voice of early detection and of cleaning up our environment; if I can be a voice of hope to others, then I very humbly and with great pride accept this award.