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International Space Station can be seen in sky over the next several nights

NASAs International Space Station (ISS) will be visible the night sky over the next several evenings, said Mellisa Duncan, Challenger Learning Center at Paducah director.

Duncan just returned from a national Challenger Learning Center conference at San Antonio Community College, where she was one of 13 conference participants who got the chance to join a question and answer session with the ISS astronauts.

Its was not only an honor to talk with the astronauts on the ISS, it was also mind-boggling to think that they are orbiting the Earth at 17,500 m.p.h., and I was able to talk with them in real time; we could see them and they could see us and they answered our questions, said Duncan.

Duncan asked the astronauts if there was one thing they would want us to teach our students about the International Space Station, what would that be? And their answer was teamwork, saying teamwork is one of the most important skills they need on the International Space Station, Duncan said, adding that the answer solidified the Challenger Center at Paducahs practice of teaching teamwork skills to its students.

Weather permitting, the ISS, that is just bigger than a football field, can be seen in the night sky through Monday, August 24. Individuals can sign up on to receive texts or emails about where the ISS can be seen over a particular area.