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Little Princes Selected WKCTCs One Book Read

PADUCAH, KY (August 15, 2016) According to the U.S. State Department, 600,000 to 800,000 people are trafficked across international borders every year, 80% of which are female and half are children - a fact that Conor Grennan, the author of West Kentucky Community and Technical Colleges 2016-17 One Book Read, knows all too well.

Little Princes, Grennans New York Times bestseller and number one best-selling international memoir, tells the story of his unwavering work to reconnect trafficked children with their families in Nepal.

Readers will not be able to put this book down, said Amy Sullivan, One Book Read committee chair. Its such a compelling story about Conors mission to reunite children who have suffered terribly with the families that thought they had lost them forever.

About to turn 30, Grennan set off on a solo, year-long trip around the world. He started his journey with a three-month stint volunteering in the Little Princes Childrens Home, an orphanage in the village of Godawari, in war-torn Nepal. What was supposed to be just a three-month experience changed his life forever, and the lives of countless others.

Grennan later learned the truth about the children he so quickly came to love. Many of the little princes were not really orphans, but rather had been taken from their homes by child traffickers. His life was soon transformed, from being childless and carefree, to becoming determined to reunite 18 young boys with their families. Though it meant putting his own life in danger and crossing a rugged terrain in an unfamiliar land, Grennan vowed to reconnect the kids with their parents.

Grennans quest led to the formation of Next Generation Nepal, a nonprofit organization whose mission is to prevent the trafficking of children into abusive children's homes and rebuilds family connections torn apart by traffickers.

The One Book Read project is a community-wide effort to encourage reading and improve regional literacy rates. The project encourages the community, area school districts, and colleges to read the same book and come together to discuss it in a variety of settings.

Future One Book events, to create awareness of the One Book Read and Little Princes, will be announced in the months prior to the project finale when Conor Grennan will visit the WKCTC campus on March 28-29, 2017. For more information, visit