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Oluwaseun Sholola selected as WKCTC Student of the Month

Paducah, KY (March 9, 2016) Going to college has always been the priority for Oluwaseun Sean Shololas family. A native of West Africa, Nigeria, and one of seven siblings, he is not the first to go to college. But Sholola said he has experienced it and seen how it pays to get a college education.

Putting that philosophy to work, he has high educational expectations of himself, determination and a strong work ethic. These are a few reasons why he was recently selected as February Student of the Month at West Kentucky Community and Technical College.

I feel privileged to have been chosen as Student of the Month at WKCTC, said the 23-year-old McCracken County resident, who moved to the United States in August 2014. I am attending West Kentucky because its an affordable high standard college in America. Its one of the top three community colleges in the country, and its a pathway to fulfilling my dream and career goal.

Before leaving Nigeria, Sholola earned a National Diploma in metallurgical and materials engineering and studied at Murray State University before transferring to WKCTC in spring 2015.

Currently studying Industrial Maintenance Technology, Sholola said West Kentucky is preparing him for a future in the petroleum industry. He plans to earn a bachelors degree in mechanical engineering and a doctorate degree in petroleum engineering. He said WKCTC is the right place to begin that journey.

The hands-on practical experiences here make WKCTC distinct and best for learning. The instructor-student friendship also makes it easy for students to learn academic and social lessons, said Sholola. Im from a country where schools believe so much in theory rather than practice, and coming to WKCTC has introduced me to the practical world of engineering. I have always told my friends planning to come overseas to learn that WKCTC is a place to get the best preparation for the real world, he said.

In addition to his studies, Sholola serves as student ambassador and a tutor in the colleges tutoring center.

Sean possesses an uncanny ability to intuit aspects of assisting students that cannot be trained. His work ethic is unparalleled...and he is one of the most intelligent people I have ever known, said Mason Tudor, WKCTC academic support coordinator.

He has become a sort of hub in the international student community. Students from all over the world come to visit Sean and let him explain aspects of their courses and enrollment. They trust him and look up to him. Even older students defer to his opinion and steadfast advice, said Tudor.

As an international student, I use to have the motive of me being in this country to study and then return to Nigeria - leaving no foot print. But working in the tutoring center and being a student ambassador has shown me what it means to impact ones generation and the community," said Sholola.

The Student of the Month program is designed to recognize the accomplishments of students on campus. Individuals selected must be currently enrolled atWKCTCand have maintained a cumulative grade point average of 2.0 or higher and are nominated on the basis of exceptional performance, personal attributes, academic excellence and active participation in various student organizational activities.

Student of the Month recipients receive $100, a certificate of excellence, recognition on theWKCTCFacebook page, campus announcements and Web site. Recipients are also recognized by PepsiMidAmericaand receive one free month's supply of their favorite Pepsi product.