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Poetry Bon Bouche

WKCTCs theater department will present Poetry Bon Bouche on November 2, at 7:30 pm, on stage in the Clemens Fine Arts Center.

Poetry Bon Bouche is a performance art piece in which performance of poetry creates conversation between the characters who reside in a familiar bohemian atmosphere of food, fellowship, and art. The show features interpretation of a composite of poetry focusing on food as metaphor, ritual, and remembrance from various authors performed by the cast. The texts become the complete dialogue for the show, interspersed with musical transition and punctuation.

The cast is comprised of six students and includes performance by Resident Artist and Theater Professor Constance Frank. Student performers include:

  • Grace Baldrdige
  • Mckynleigh Abraham
  • Matthew Curtis
  • Anthony Schaeffer
  • Jane Carter
  • Christina McGinness