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Receiving Financial Aid for Summer

May 31, 2011 - | 12:10 PM -

Please read the following important questions and answers concerning receiving financial aid for summer.

If I didnt use all of my Pell eligibility in fall and spring, can I receive the rest in summer?

  • As long as you are meeting all requirements for financial aid including Satisfactory Academic Progress, any remaining amount of Pell eligibility will be prorated and awarded to you based on enrollment and is treated like it is in the Fall and Spring semesters.

If I attended full-time fall and spring and used all of my Pell eligibility, can I still qualify for summer aid?

  • If you received a full-time (24 credit hours) Federal Pell Grant award for the fall 2010 and spring 2011 semesters, you may be eligible for additional Federal Pell Grant for the summer. In order to receive
    a Federal Pell grant for the summer 2011 term(s), you must be enrolled in at least six (6) credit hours for summer.
  • Students can qualify for an award called PELL 2 for the 2011 summer semester as long as they meet the following criteria:
    • The student must be enrolled in at least 6 credit hours for summer 2011.
    • The student must have completed and/or enrolled in a minimum of 25 cumulative credit hours from fall 2010 through summer 2011.
      Example: 19 (Fall/Spring) + 6 (Summer) = 25
      Example: 18 (Fall/Spring) + 7 (Summer) = 25
  • E, F, I, and/ or W do not count towards completed hours.

If I receive Pell 2 in the summer, and drop below 6 credit hours, what are the consequences?

  • If a student drops below 6 credit hours before or after receiving their Pell 2 award, the student will lose their summer eligibility. The award will be canceled, and the student will become responsible for any outstanding balances or charges incurred.