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Solid Rock'it Boosters Performing Saturday in Clemens Theatre

Enjoy Hot Rod Todd Anderson, Flyin' Brian Berryman and LowerTown Nathan Brownin a rare-yet-rockin' performance as the Solid Rock'it Boosters. The action starts at 7:30 p.m., Saturday, Oct. 3, in the Clemens Fine Arts Center. $6 atthe door desserts and beverages will be available.

These three locally legendary musicians famous for their performances back inthe day as Those Legendary Shackshakers have selected WKCTC's Backstage Passas one of their selective venues this year to unleash their Honky Tonk amp;Hillbilly Stomp a mix of hillbilly boogie, rockabilly and honky tonk."This is going to be a real boot stomp," Nathan says. "It's not sitting around with a glass of wine music. This is real front porch, very spontaneous moonshine music. Leave your opera glasses at home."

The band, which practices together at least once a year whether they need it ornot, plays simply for the love of music. Todd and Nathan tend to play with one another the most frequently, inviting a different third member to join inalmost every time they perform.

That they're coming to WKCTC is quite a coup for the college. Nathan says thatif the Solid Rock'it Boosters play publicly only four times a year, that's finewith the boys in the band. "We've all had very full music careers, so atthis point, we're just playing for fun and entertainment," Nathan says."We want to keep our performances special something that people who enjoy our music look forward to. So we'd rather play a few times a year and havea blast doing it."

How did WKCTC get so lucky? "This is right up our alley," Nathansays. "First, the arts in Paducah are very important for us. We want youngpeople in Paducah to understand and get more involved in the arts. The fine art programming at WKCTC is top notch. We want to make sure that the community college gets the attention it deserves. Amazing things are going onthere."

So prepare yourself for a some off-the-cuff hillbilly, honky tonk, wild,emotional and ever-so-slightly rehearsed throw down. The Solid Rock'it Boostersare sure to blast off, taking everyone with them for a great time and a veryspecial night!