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Students Honored with Writing Awards

Writing contest winnersThe writers group at West Kentucky Community Technical College recently honored the writings of eight WKCTC students. The winners entered their work in the annual student writing contest and shared their creative writings with students, faculty and staff at a reception held in their honor on April 15. Students entered work in three categories poetry, short stories, and essays.

Michael Fenwick won first place for poetry for House on 4th Street, and Melanie Reason and Lori Davis received an honorable mention for Untitled and In A Trailer Park, respectively. Billy Baker took home the top honor in the short stories category with The Great Hobbs Market Incident of 1984 and Abby Tracy won honorable mention for Plum Lipstick as did Thomas Garland for Good Wives.
Tracy also won first place for her essay entitled Hopeless Romantic, The Fighter, and The Mother. Honorable mentions went to Jennifer Jones for Last Glance and Joe Watson for The Art of Shameless Pandering.

It was very refreshing in this age of YouTube, ipods, and Facebook to see that so many students on our campus still turn to the written word and literature as a means of self expression and creativity, said Britton Shurley, WKCTC English Instructor and Student Writing Contest Coordinator. It is events such as this, along with the many outstanding literature and creative writing classes we offer, that showcase how well this campus can serve students who are interested in exploring the literary arts.

The names of the students were removed from the works so they would remain anonymous during judging. Four WKCTC English faculty and staff members judged the works and decided the winners. First place winners received $50 and honorable mentions received $25.

This year's student writing contest was an overwhelming success. We had almost 70 entries which is, to my knowledge, the most we have ever received and we are really excited about that, said Shurley.

The writers group at WKCTC meets every other Tuesday afternoon from 3:30-4:30 in the Matheson Library conference room. Everyone is welcome.