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Time to Evaluate Fall Courses

Evaluate courses on the web.

Every year in the fall semester, WKCTC invites students to evaluate the courses they are taking. Feedback we receive from students provides valuable information that can be used to improve WKCTCs courses and curriculum.

Some courses are evaluated on the web. If your course is not listed on the web menu, it will be evaluated in class. To evaluate these courses you will need your WKCTC ID (EmplID) in order to gain access to your menu of courses. NOTE: You will be instructed to enter your ID without the leading zeroes. Once you have access to your menu of courses, you may complete one survey and exit, then return later and complete other surveys. Once you complete a survey, you will no longer have access to that survey, so you may evaluate a course only once.

If you need to print out evidence that you have completed the survey, you may use the print screen key on your keyboard, and then either paste that (with Control+V) into an email to your instructor, or paste it into a Word document and print it out for your instructor.

The Web surveys will be available only until Friday, November 18, 2011, so take this opportunity to give us your feedback now, and help us keep WKCTC one of the Top Ten community colleges in the country!