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WKCTC and MSU Presidents Joined Together to Promote Statewide Transfer Madness Online Fair

On March 11, West Kentucky Community and Technical College (WKCTC) President Dr. Barbara Veazey and Murray State University (MSU) President Dr. Robert Davies joined forces to promote a free statewide online transfer fair called Transfer Madness

During WKCTCs Job and Transfer Fair, the college presidents along with MSUs Dean of Continuing Education Brian Van Horn shared about how Transfer Madness helps prepare transfer students across the state, the success rate of transfer students and the growing partnership between WKCTC and MSU.

Our relationship with (West Kentucky) is one we treasure, said Dr. Davies. We have from 160-170 each and every time, each and every year transfer to Murray State University, and their success rate of transferring and then graduating is around 90%. And that is a tribute of what is occurring here (West Kentucky) that they are moving forward.

MSU is hoping for a bid to the NCAA tournament and Dr. Davies encouraged people to join the social media campaigning using the hashtag - #RacersDeservesABid.

I want to put it in context of today for the students. You deserve a bid, Dr. Davies said. There are a lot of universities here (Job and Transfer Fair) and I hope you will go to one of them. Of course, I hope you would go to Murray State, but you deserve a bid to each and every one of these universities. Because I know that you will come back to the Paducah and McCracken County community, and you will make a will help employers; you will help the economy and you will help this community grow in an exponential way.

While speaking to students who attended the Job and Transfer Fair, Dr. Veazey explained that Transfer Madness is occurring all across the state on March 26 and is offered entirely online. All of the 16 colleges within the Kentucky Community and Technical College System will be online partnering with public universities and private ones as well to chat, to talk about students just like you that are enrolled in a community college and you want to transfer; you want to go on for that baccalaureate degree.

Dr. Veazey said the information offered during Transfer Madness would provide a tool kit that can help students who participates in the online transfer fair.

WKCTC transfer students also shared about their transfer experiences. Jennifer Haines, a resident of Lyon County, said that although she was a bit nervous when she transferred to MSU, the transition went smoothly and she has been successful. I can only say thank you to Murray State and West Kentucky, and I hope to go on and get my masters degree, maybe even my doctorate and hopefully come back here and even teach one day.

During the Transfer Madness on March 26, all registrants can download e-brochures, videos and podcasts and have the chance to win prizes such as

Basketball signed by Coach Calipari and Coach Pitino
College application fees waived for anyone who visits a college booth

KCTCS will host a Twitter tournament, in NCAA March Madness tournament fashion, pairing each of our 16 colleges to play against each other by tweeting about Transfer Madness. Rules and prizes will be tweeted publicly in the days prior to game play set to begin the third week in March. Interested participants will tweet with @KCTCS.

For more information and Transfer Madness registration visit