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WKCTC and Southern Illinois University Carbondale sign unique transfer agreements

Two new agreements between West Kentucky Community amp; Technical College and Southern Illinois University Carbondale will streamline pathways for WKCTC graduates to transfer into specific SIU technical degree programs, college officials announced today.

WKCTC and SIU Carbondale recently signed two articulation agreements allowing WKCTCs Associate in Applied Science (AAS) degree in automotive technology and AAS degree in General /Occupational Technical Studies to transfer smoothly into specific Bachelor of Science degrees at SIU Carbondale. The agreements will also be available to all students in the Kentucky Community and Technical College System (KCTCS).

"SIU has had a long history of providing baccalaureate completion degrees for technical career fields, and we want to ensure that students have well-defined transfer pathways, said SIU Chancellor Rita Cheng. Our goal is provide unlimited opportunity for college completion through dual-degree programs in partnership with WKCTC and other colleges. These agreements validate and celebrate the choice to begin work on a bachelor's degree at SIU with an associate degree from WKCTC. Both institutions support and benefit from student success. We're pleased and honored to join with WKCTC to make this possible."

With its standard Associate in Arts (AA) and Associate in Science (AS) degrees, WKCTC provides university parallel courses that meet transfer requirements for the first two years of a bachelors degree, said Dr. Tena Payne, vice president of academic affairs at WKCTC. These new agreements acknowledge expertise students receive in our technical Associate in Applied Science (AAS) degree and encourage additional education for those seeking leadership or management opportunities in their field, Payne said. In todays market place the workforce is in dire need of individuals with technical skills as well as the ability to lead projects and drive the entrepreneurial business environment.

Upon completion of an AAS degree in Automotive Technology with 69-72 credit hours from WKCTC and another 48 credit hours in automotive, business management, and support courses at SIU, the graduate will be able to earn a Bachelor of Science Degree in Automotive Technology upon completion of a total of 120 credit hours.

The addition of a bachelors degree will enable the student to focus in the areas of automotive business operations, automotive management, automotive technical education, and marketing and management, Payne said. Automotive and truck manufacturers, component manufacturers and suppliers, government agencies, insurance organizations, educational institutions, training and curriculum organizations, and service providers are seeking four-year automotive technology graduates.

With this new agreement, WKCTCs Associate in Applied Science degree in General/Occupational Technical Studies will transfer into the SIUs Bachelor of Science in Technical Resource Management degree program.

Upon completion of the AAS degree with 66-76 credit hours from WKCTC and another 60 credit hours in professional communication, work center management, data analysis, quality management, and project management, the graduate will earn a Bachelor of Science degree in Technical Resource Management. Payne said the addition of this bachelors degree will prepare the student for career advancement into supervisory, management, and entrepreneurial roles in their technical fields.

SIUs technical resource management degree will allow a student to build on numerous of technical programs at WKCTC, Payne said. This agreement presents a unique opportunity for students to add on to their technical credentials to earn a more advanced degree.

Rachel Goatley, coordinator of transfer advising at WKCTC, said through the cooperative effort of SIU and WKCTC, these agreements ensure the most efficient transfer possible, keeping time and cost at a minimum, and allowing a student to earn a quality education.

These avenues to continued education and advancement in the workforce will allow students the opportunity to master the technical skills for employment in the field they desire and to build upon those with the skill set needed for career advancement within those fields.

For more information about transfer education at WKCTC, contact Goatley at (270) 534-3187.