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WKCTC Offering Free Tax Preparation Workshops

West Kentucky Community and Technical College will host a series of free self-assist tax preparation workshops on Friday afternons from 13 p.m. in the Emerging Technology Center, Room 112.

The free workshops, which are open to the public, will be held beginning February 2 and ending April 18 from 1 - 3 p.m. in the Emerging Technology Center, Room 112. Tax returns for 2015 are due April 18.

Volunteers, who are certified IRS facilitators, will provide basic assistance to taxpayers preparing 2015 taxes by teaching them how to use, which supports households with incomes under $62,000. Visitors can file online for free at the workshop with the help of a facilitator, allowing taxpayers to save more of their return.

Individuals do not have to come to campus to utilize the free site; it can be accessed from anywhere, twenty-four hours a day with an Internet connection. Chat and phone support are offered on the web site. Electronic filing and direct deposit are free. Return status can be checked at

Taxpayers attending the free workshops should bring:

A valid e-mail address.
Social Security or Individual Taxpayer Identification (ITIN) for each family member and working adult.
1095-A if you received a tax credit from the marketplace.
Childcare provider name, address and tax ID if applicable.
Bank routing and account numbers for checking and savings account if you qualify for refund via secure direct deposit.
Last years tax return, if you have it.
W2 form(s) and a valid ID. Drivers license number is required this year if you are a licensed driver to verify identity.
Self-employment and income interest earned (if applicable).
Other income including income of household members.
Expenses (tuition, student loan interest, etc. if you paid out of pocket).
Any statement mailed to you for tax purposes (SSA, 1099, etc.).

Volunteers are trained in handling basic returns only. To determine if you have a basic return, or for more information about the workshops, please contact Jennifer Etherton at (270) 534-3257,