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WKCTC Plans Mock Shooter Exercise

A MOCK EMERGENCY DRILL is planned for Wednesday, September 15. The drill begins at 10:30 am. The main entrances to the campus will be closed at 10:30 am and will remain closed for at least two hours. No traffic will enter or leave the campus once the drill begins. Please let your family and friends know this is a MOCK DRILL. No one will be in danger.

"The purpose of the mock shooter exercise is to provide participants an opportunity to evaluate current response methods in the event of an active shooter event on campus," said Steve Orazine, WKCTCs Director of Security. "The exercise will focus on the college and local emergency responders' command and control coordination, decisions and actions that are necessary to protect and save lives." During the exercise, the college will go into lockdown mode and college entrances will be blocked for at least two hours. We want to make this exercise as real as possible, but we dont want the public, our students, or their families to be alarmed to see our gates closed and all the emergency vehicles on our campus, Orazine said. Its a mock exercise. No one will be in danger.

The role of crisis management will be critical to the success of the overall effort. Key participants include members of the college's crisis management team, campus security, law enforcement agencies, emergency personnel, students, faculty, and college staff.