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WKCTC Student Ambassador Program

Four West Kentucky Community and Technical College (WKCTC) students joined the Student Ambassador Program this spring. These students serve both the college and the community through various service learning projects.

McCracken County residents Melissa McHaney, Patricia Pierce, and Kristie Morris along with Angela Whitis of Graves County joined the 15-person team.

Students must adhere to a specific set of guidelines and requirements in order to be selected for the program. They are required to have earned 12 semester credit hours or more, earned a GPA of 2.5 or higher, and be able to serve as an exemplary role model for our student body, college, and community.

Being a role model for other students and being able to assist others if they ever need anything is a great feeling, said Pierce. It also gives me more of a drive to be successful myself and to show others that its possible.

McHaney agreed adding how important the program is to building confidence. I was always standoffish, but being an ambassador helped me break out of my shell. Now it feels good to have people come up to me at events and say thank you for serving the community.

Ambassadors must also participate in a three-credit hour Service Learning (GEN 120) course that is designed to engage them in structured, community-based activities to acquaint them with the value of service and commitment to the community. WKCTC pays for this course as a student ambassador benefit. Some topics covered in GEN 120 include: professional etiquette, financial aid resources, academic support services, recruitment and retention, just to name a few.

Ambassadors are required to participate in community activities as well. Some of the service organizations served include: Reading PALS with McNabb Elementary, Project United, and Barbecue on the River. Students are evaluated on their performance and are required to participate in training sessions and complete a service log of activities and dates. At the completion of the Service Learning course students must complete a four to six page reflective paper.

Dr. Belinda Dalton-Russell, WKCTC vice president of student affairs, encourages any WKCTC student to enroll in the GEN 120 course. Learning about serving our campus and our community is important for all of our students, she said. Course fees apply to students who enroll in GEN 120 and are not part of the Student Ambassador program.

Registration for currently enrolled WKCTC students for summer and fall classes is underway now. New student registration begins on Monday, April 9.

For more information about the program, contact Dr. Russell at 270-534-3081 or