Student Ambassadors

Student Ambassadors have a significant impact on fellow students educational experiences as well as their own. They help to positively shape the community and the next generation of campus and community leaders. In recognition of the dedication and hard work of our outstanding Ambassadors and student organization leaders the Office of Student Development hosts an Annual Student Development Leadership Recognition Luncheon each spring.

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Image2016-2017 Student Ambassadors

  • Angela Elmore
  • Camila DePrado Campos Ferreria
  • JaShaud Fleming
  • Heather Hillebrand
  • Charity Itiav-Gar
  • Nichoas Jagielo
  • Dallas McKinney
  • Jessica Newsome
  • Samuel Omokodhe
  • David O'Neal
  • Gavin Posey
  • Jodi Powers
  • Oluwaseun Sholola

ImageGreetings From Dr. Belinda Dalton-Russell

Belinda A. Dalton-RussellFrom an early age I was taught to put the principles of giving into practice by accepting opportunities to volunteer. I learned the importance of advocating and supporting programs, organizations, and people who strengthen our community. Volunteering has enabled me to build a healthy spirit, conscious mind, and a compassionate heart. It has taught me the importance of understanding and educating myself about the challenges of the community and how we can learn, grow, and thrive by working together.

I teach the Service Learning (GEN 120) course on the WKCTC campus, and also developed and coordinate the college's Student Ambassador Program. The focus of the GEN 120 course and Student Ambassador Program is to educate students of the importance of volunteering and giving back to the community through structured and community-based volunteer work. Students selected as ambassadors are required to enroll and successfully complete GEN 120. The course is open to all students who desire to experience the power of giving and to make sense of the world around us by taking in new information and negotiating meaning out of those interactions.

Volunteerism, through this course, offers a true understanding of the campus and community culture. The course assists in preparing students for their journey in life and fostering strong leadership skills. Volunteering builds a sense of purpose and a chance to help the community and individuals through the development of compassion, increased self-confidence and self-worth, also improving communication skills. Whether you currently volunteer or would like to begin volunteering, you can earn three hours of college level credits, which can be used toward free electives.

For more information contact Dr. Belinda A. Dalton-Russell, Vice President of Student Development, at (270) 534-3081 or Tamara K. Hodges, administrative assistant to the vice president of student development, at (270) 534-3069. To register for the Service Learning (GEN 120) course, contact the Master Advising Center, first floor, room 106 in the Anderson Technical Building at WKCTC at (270) 534-3408. What are you waiting for?

ImageWhat is a Student Ambassador?

An outstanding student leader selected to publicly represent WKCTC, Office of Student Development-Student Affairs, and the community in a multitude of essential capacities. The Ambassador is positive, professional, displays enthusiasm, and a genuine desire and spirit of helpfulness. They seek increased involvement and knowledge of academic programs, student concerns, employee roles, college resources, facilities, and social interaction. The Ambassadors are part of a dynamic team of student leaders, dedicated to creating positive change and student success. Ambassadors make students and campus guests feel welcomed, comfortable, and supported through building strong connections. As an individual and group they ultimately help facilitate the retention, persistence, graduation, and success rate of WKCTC students' as well as the positive advancement of the community.

ImageCriteria to be Selected

  • Must be currently enrolled in a minimum of 6 credit hours at West Kentucky Community & Technical College.
  • Good academic and disciplinary standing.
  • Must have completed 12 semester credit hours (preferred at WKCTC).
  • Must have earned and maintained a 2.5 CGPA or above.
  • Submit a completed application and declaration of commitment.
  • Exemplary letter(s) of recommendation from WKCTC faculty, staff, or appointed by Vice President of Student Affairs, and Selection Committee. Subject to review by the college President Leadership Team.
  • Demonstrate positive attitude, enthusiasm, strong work ethics, and ability to work as a team.
  • Good character and ability to represent WKCTC in an exemplary manner.
  • Exhibit commitment, leadership, and ability to successfully carry out the responsibilities of the position.
  • Interview with the Vice President of Student Development or Coordinator of Student Development Activities.
  • Complete Student Affairs Ambassadors training/meeting module.

ImageTraits of a Student Ambassador

  • Good character, professional, responsible, caring
  • Willingness to learn, expand personal growth, self-confidence, assertiveness, organization and people skills
  • Committed to academic success of self and other students
  • Selfless attitude desire to promote student life programming, college recruitment, retention, relationships, and student success
  • Respects, values, and appreciates diversity
  • Enthusiastic, cheerleader, advocate, passionate about WKCTC, students, employees, and the community
  • Strong oral communications, time management, and leadership skills
  • Willing to learn and serve others in a supportive role
  • Flexible, outgoing, committed to positive change
  • Works well individually and as a dynamic team
  • Helps identify and foster growth of future leaders
  • Enjoys meeting, motivating, and working collaboratively with others
  • Completes ALL mandatory training, pride
  • Demonstrates visible initiative
  • Trustworthy, honest, reliable
  • Responsible, dependable, prompt
  • Committed to WE and US, not I

ImageRoles of a Student Ambassador

The Student Ambassador applicant is required to complete a Student Ambassador application. Those who meet the standard requirements are selected for an interview. Student leaders who are offered a Student Ambassador position receive a (9) credit hour course waiver. During students' first semester as Ambassadors they receive a (6) six hour waiver and the second semester a (3) hour waiver. All Ambassadors are required to successfully complete the Service Learning GEN 120 course their first semester as Student Ambassador. The course includes (45) service contact hours, a reflective paper, service log, and class attendance.

Student Ambassadors are expected to work fall and spring semesters however are encouraged to make a yearlong commitment which includes the summer term. Ambassadors also receive a shirt and blazer to wear during tours and campus events.

Some of the Student Ambassador roles include, however not limited to:

  • Promote Success Connection WKCTC Mentoring Program
  • Provide invaluable insight to visitors and students
  • Represent WKCTC students and community
  • Assist with Student Life programs/Happening Hour
  • Support recruitment, retention, college persistence, and graduation efforts
  • Reach out to prospective and current students
  • Educate students and community of campus services and program
  • Promote student involvement in campus and community events
  • Complete mandatory training
  • Assist with New Student Orientation, high school visits, Welcome Back, Fall Fest, registration, graduation, The Clemens Fine Arts Center events, college fairs, etc.
  • Appear in college promotional material
  • Serve as role model and mentor to fellow students
  • Promote and strive for academic excellence
  • Conduct campus tours, assist with campus visits
  • Serve as host at Annual Scholarship Auction and Scholarship Day and other community events
  • Participate in Student Ambassador training, Judicial Board training, and Student Development Leadership Recognition Luncheon
  • Serve as advocate and volunteer with United Way Project United, Elimination Dinner, Stuff the Bus, 5K Run and Fitness Walk, Reading Pals, Volunteer Paducah, and United Way partners

ImageBenefits of Being a Student Ambassador

  • Gain valuable job related/volunteer experience
  • Enhance knowledge of West Kentucky Community and Technical College
  • Represent student body and college
  • Network with administration, alumni, and friends of the college
  • Make new friends
  • Build your resume and personal reference base
  • Develop strong leadership and communication skills
  • Increase self-esteem and goal achievement
  • Sharpen professional skills for future career opportunities
  • Network with potential employers
  • Earn (9) hours in tuition waivers
  • Polos and blazer provided
  • Free admissions to specified campus and community events
  • Featured on college marketing materials
  • Student Development and Leadership Recognition Luncheon

ImageGEN 120 Student Learning

The GEN 120 Service Learning course is open to any student who desires to earn (3) hours of college level credit. The course is generally offered fall and spring of each semester. Students can register for the course through the Advisement office located on the first floor of the Anderson Technical Building during open registration. Any student who has completed the course at WKCTC prior to being selected as Student Ambassador is not required to repeat the course.

Course Description

GEN 120 (3)
Course ID: 003864
Service Learning

Engages students directly in structured, community-based activities to acquaint them with community opportunities, services, and needs. Integrates concepts from the classroom with community service allowing student to practice concepts while developing an appreciation of service. Lecture: 3 credits (45 contact hours).
Components: Lecture