Campus Security

The goal of West Kentucky Community and Technical College is to provide a safe and secure environment for everyone on our campus.

Manager of Security/Safety
David Wallace

Anderson Technical Building
Room 212A
Office: 270-534-3859
Cell: 270-519-0838

Dale SmithDale Smith
Security Guard
Jayson McKeown
Security Guard
Tristin Bunker
Security Guard
Gary RichardsGary Richards
Security Guard
Shawn Maxie
Security Guard
Michael Simak
Security Guard
Michael Ormes
Security Guard
Scott MuirScott Muir
Security Guard

One of the responsibilities of the security guard is to issue parking tickets for individuals who do not have valid parking permits to park in handicap spaces or who have parked in fire lanes. Other duties include monitoring and securing campus buildings, monitoring the campus parking lots and providing information to campus visitors. All of our security officers are employed and trained by WKCTC .

Interagency Relationships

WKCTC works closely with the Paducah City Police Department, the McCracken County Sheriffs Office, the Paducah City Fire Department,the Graves County Sheriffs Office,the Mayfield Fire Department, the Murray City Police Department, Murray Fire Department, and the Kentucky State Police. The security guards also maintain a close working relationship with our Maintenance and Operations Department and other key personnel at WKCTC to help maintain a safe and secure campus.