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The NxLeveL Curriculum
All NxLeveL curriculums are developed and ultimately refined using input from both instructors and participants. By building its curriculums from the ground up, the network has been able to create effective, practical, and participant-based entrepreneurial materials.

All NxLeveL programs revolve around the participant. Graduates of the NxLeveL training leave with not only the benefit of sound business training, but also a written planning document, and a comprehensive Business Plan for their future business endeavors.

All NxLeveL curriculums center around three important teaching tools:
Participant materials include a textbook, workbook, and resources guide which can lead to a written business plan.
Instructors Manual includes session by session teaching guides, overheads, and other classroom and instructional aides.
Program Managers Manual is a complete guide to developing, marketing, and operating the NxLeveL entrepreneurial programs.

Additionally, NxLeveL offers Instructor Certification and Program

NxLeveL for Entrepreneurs
The entrepreneur course is a 12-session course delivered over 12 to 15 weeks. It is designed for those who want to expand an existing business and need the skills to make it grow, Participants develop a comprehensive business plan during the course to act as the road map for future growth. Business Plan Workbook and Resource Guide also available in Spanish.

NXLevel for Business Start-Ups
The start-ups course is designed for individuals who are thinking about starting a business but have not addressed those questions every entrepreneur needs to answer before starting a venture. Participants develop a start-up business plan during the course. This 10-session course is often taught over 12 weeks. Business Plan Workbook and Resource Guide also available in Spanish.

NxLeveL Youth Enterprise Academy
The youth entrepreneurial materials were conceived, designed, and written with enterprising youth in mind. The text was designed to complement class work and serve as a reference book as young entrepreneurs start and grow businesses. This 13-module course can be taught in a variety of configurations including, traditional classroom, after-school, and camp settings.

NxLeveL for Micro-Entrepreneurs
This small business curriculum was developed by assembling an experienced team all members are involved in micro-enterprise training through various groups. The goal of this course is to explore the ability to achieve self-sufficiency through self-employment. This 15-session course can be taught in a variety of configurations to achieve the objectives of the training organization.

NxLeveL for Agricultural Entrepreneurs
The course for agricultural entrepreneurs is aimed at individuals who have started or are thinking about starting an agricultural-based venture that is not tied to large scale, commodity-style production. The materials are specifically designed for individuals searching for innovative ideas and enhanced marketing opportunities in the area of agriculture. This 10-session course is often delivered over a 12-week period.

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