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Technical Courses

Air Conditioning Technology

Basic Refrigeration This course introduces the fundamentals of refrigeration, refrigeration terms and the basic refrigeration cycle. Various refrigeration components, principles of measurement and proper use of hand and special tools are taught, along with general and specific safety. The theory of recovery and/or recycling of refrigerants are environmental issues, and are addressed in this course.

Refrigeration Application
This course defines techniques in the servicing and troubleshooting of basic refrigeration systems. Proper use of tools, equipment and materials is stressed. The process of identifying tubing and pipe, with practical application in sizing and fittings is provided. Soft soldering, silver soldering, and drafting will be covered. Safety is emphasized.

Blueprint Reading

Basic Blueprint Reading - This course presents basic applied math, lines, multi-view drawings, symbols, various schematics and diagrams, dimensioning techniques, sectional views, auxiliary views, threads and fasteners, and sketching typical to all shop drawings. Safety will be emphasized as an integral part of the course.

Diesel Engines

Diesel Engines I
- This course introduces the fundamental concepts of the operation of two and four-stroke diesel engines. Topics included are: basic engine components and their functions, engine performance terminology, two and four-stroke operation, combustion principles, and engine disassembly with basic hand tools.

Diesel Engines II - Participants will learn to take a disassembled engine and evaluate the condition of each component. They will identify each component of the engines and its use or function. Topics include: cylinder block and components, cylinder heads and valve train components, and engine lubrication systems.

Electrical Technology

Basic Electricity - This lecture/lab course is a basic core course in electrical safety, theory, symbols, series, parallel and combination circuits, and laws and formulas related to electricity. It introduces electricity and magnetism and develops relationships of voltage, current, resistance, and power in electrical circuits. AC fundamentals and theory applied to reactive components, transformers, phase angles, and power factors are discussed. This course will also provide the participants with an introduction to solid state devices.

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