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Super Sunday 2012

Tammy Thompson: Welcome back to Campus Spotlight where we talk about the events and activities happening on the campus of West Kentucky Community and Technical College. I'm your host, Tammy Thompson. Yes you can! That's the theme for our Super Sunday event. Yes you can go to college, yes you can earn a degree, and yes you can get a great job. Here tell us all about it is Jipaum Askew-Robinson. Music Jipaum Askew-Robinson: Hi, I'm Jipaum Askew-Robinson, the director of cultural diversity here it West Kentucky Community and TechnicalCollege, and I'm helping to coordinate this year's Super Sunday. Well this is our second annual Super Sunday event. It's actually established by and it will be taking place all the 16 KCTCS campuses, uh... it's really a means for KCTCS and West Kentucky to get to know people within the community and let them to know that we're here for them for their post-secondary education. Super Sunday this year is on February 12; it's a little earlier than last year, and we have two partners again this year. This year we'll have the first partner is House of Hope, and the second partner is 9th Street Tabernacle Ministries. Anyone is invited to come to Super Sunday. This year we're targeting African American churches, but in a later date we will start to also target the Latino community as well. But we're looking for students, uh...that are still in high school, we're looking for individuals who are looking for a change in their career, we're looking for anyone who is interested in maybe just exploring any type of change in their life. We have a lot to offer and we want people who would have an interest in maybe changing, uh... anything that they're doing right now with their career. Yes, anybody can come to the services. We will have actually uh... two teams from West Kentucky, one team will be in attendance at House of Hope which is located at 1601 Jefferson Street in Paducah, and then the other team will be at 9th Street Tabernacle Ministries which is at 800 9th Street, we're North 9th Street. We want you to come and enjoy the services. They both start at 11 o'clock. And then once the services are over, then everyone will go to 9th Street Tabernacle's Annex Meeting Hall, and we'll all just go there for the college fair, and everyone's invited to come even those that maybe have gone to their own church service prior to and just want to come and you know talk to us about what they can do, what type of degree programs we have, what is it that WKCTC can do for them, you're welcome to come. The program starts at 1:00 at 9th Street Tabernacle's Annex, uh... we'll actually be highlighting admissions, just general admissions, how do you go to college, how do you, uh...put in an application, what do you need to do in order to get enrolled. We'll also have financial aid of course everybody needs money to go to school so we'll have financial aid there, also we'll have some high wage high demand jobs uh... highlighted degree programs such as marine technology, nursing, uh....uh...also logistics, so those type of degree programs will be, uh...highlighted but then we also have some other degree programs that we'll have information on as well. Uh...we'll also more program I did want to mention, is that we'll be featuring adult education. Uh...the reason we wanted highlight adult education as well is that because there's a lot of individuals who just don't have their high school diploma and this will allow them to get their GED, so that's opportunity and it's a very good feed right into our degree programs once you've completed adult education. Super Sunday is so important to WKCTC and the KCTCS System because we really want people in our region to know that we're here for them, for their careers for the future, we want to make sure that this region here is a very well educated and that they're part of the economic system in the growth that's going to take place. so Super Sunday is very important to us and last year some of the feedback that we got, and is it was the best thing for us, is that a lot of the people that attended said that, "Oh my goodness they're so approachable," so that's something that I think that came across last year that we want to make sure that everybody really knows is that - ask us, whatever it is that need, we'll be here for you. Tammy Thompson: Thank you, Jipaum, for telling us about Super Sunday; and we really hope to see all of you at that event on February 12. That does it for this edition of Campus Spotlight. We'll see you next time. Music