TRIO/Student Support Services

TAMMY: Welcome back to Campus Spotlight, the program that lets you know what's happening on the campus West Kentucky Community and Technical College. On this segment we're going to be talking about Trio, Student Support Services - it's kind of like a safety net for our students. But I'm going to let John Krupansky, the director of Trio tell you what that means. John....


JOHN KRUPANSKY: Trio is a program that was developed through the Department of Education in Washington D.C. over forty years ago. We...well our our main goal is uh...persistence, good academic standing in graduation rates, O.K. And uh... what we do is we try to provide any services that a student might need to uh...stay in school, to do well, and graduate.

But uh... we do mentoring and advising for new students to teach them what this whole experience is going to be about, and to prepare them for it, with their work ethic and habits and attitudes and commitment. And to let them know that there's someone in a program that's really interested in their success.

We're open from seven in the morning till five thirty in the afternoon, Monday through friday, so that usually makes it pretty available for a lot of students who have a complicated life and very busy schedule, so they can stop in basically anytime and get some assistance.

And uh...we help them through the time when they start to the time they finish here uh... with basically anything.

We help them prepare for the graduation and the transfer uh... by saying that what we do is uh... we have workshops to explain what certain colleges are requiring and uh...the process to get through it. And we also take them on tours of some of the regional colleges and we give them tour the campus to let them see what it feels like. And then we have them meet with an advisor in their academic area that they're going to pursue.

We work with students who are first-generation college students, meaning neither parent has earned or received a four-year degree. They may have been working on it, but they did not earn it, O.K. - at that point. Or uh...if their parent or stepparent earned a two-year degree that's fine they're still eligible for the program. Uh...but they have to be uh... a first year a college student, meaning like I say, neither parent has a four-year degree or they have a restricted income, which means if you are eligible for a Pell grant, you're probably within that category. Or if they have any kind of documented disability. Uh... any one of those three profiles or a combination they're fine. All they have to do is fill out an application form, we'll review it and let them know if we can get them in.

Uh... we're located in the Anderson Technical Building in room 126. Uh... students or uh...prospects can stop by anytime to pick up an application or we have an application online that they can fill out.

TAMMY: Thanks for joining us on Campus Spotlight, John. We appreciate it.

Well, we'll see you next time on Campus Spotlight, but before I go, I want to tell you again how you can see us. You can see us on the College Facebook page, YouTube page, and the College Web site. You can also see Campus Spotlight on Paducah 2 Television. See you next time.