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November 17 at 7:30 PM
Melanie Davis

Melanie Davis - Emanating from the low hills of western Kentucky are the unmistakable songs of Melanie Davis. A thespian at heart, her ability to craft tunes that are simultaneously poignant and liberating is steeped in an appreciation for the nuances of human relationships. Whether it's contemplating the potential of her immediate community or considering her own vices and tendencies, she never shies away from the glaring truths therein. Her stage experience translates into a captivating live performance that leaves the listener hanging with each line. She can deliver complex phrases that speak to neuroses we all understand, all within a fresh wave of jazz-inspired folk arrangements that seem to emphasize the range of emotions she describes. With an inimitable voice and a terrific sense of unique rhythms on the guitar, she has created a truly original sound within the vibrant scene of Murray, KY, and the surrounding area. 

Kora Clayton

Kora Clayton - "Artist. Student. Intend for the self to pour out and activate the poetry in the space. Be true, but cause the frequency of thought to become wild and active. My initiative to create is driven by the desire of human potential. Whether it be within the viewer or for my own indulgence."



February 9 at 7:30 PM


When the market crashed in the 1930s, people fled to the movies to find solace in peppy musical numbers and quick-witted dialogue. Today, there's Poly. Drawing heavily from the rich tradition of American jazz and pop standards of the early 20th century, the Nashville-based Poly seeks nothing more than to entertain their listeners and engage them in a musically nostalgic conversation about inanimate objects, animals, and old movie stars.

The trio of oft-sidemen, consisting of members Dan Sommers, Eleonore Denig, and Larissa Maestro, began writing together in late fall of 2011. Very quickly, they established the following confines for their repertoire: the arrangements must be played by just the three of them on acoustic instruments only. No guitar allowed.

Somehow, they are making do with the very limited selection of three-part vocal harmonies, violin, cello, melodica, banduria, trumpet, trombone, mandocello, suitcase kick drum, kazoos, upright bass, toy piano, ukulele, glockenspiel, xylophone, bird calls, tiny bongos, sandpaper, stomp box, triangle, ratchet, hi hat, foot tambourine, and a host of other underestimated or little-known instruments.

March 16 at 7:30 PM

The SawdustersNick Dittmeier & The Sawdusters is a four piece Americana band from Bloomington, IN. They’ve released two EPs, “Extra Better” in 2013, and then “Light of Day” in 2014.Through relentless touring, they’ve become mainstays of the Midwest Americana scene. In September of 2015, they set ten highway-tested, fine-tuned songs loose in the confines of LA Land Studios. The result was “Midwest Heart/Southern Blues”. The new album is a gritty, upbeat collection of songs, full of characters who were developed while staring over the dash of a beat up Ford van cruising through towns in the South and Midwest, whose better days are behind them. The Sawdusters will be on the road in 2019 and beyond and have a new release "All Damn Day" slated for October of 2018. For fans of The Band, Little Feat, and the Turnpike Troubadours.