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Directions for Developing a Portfolio

The portfolio is a collection of materials prepared by students to describe and document prior learning. The portfolio stresses learning outcomes rather than simply attendance or participation in events. The portfolio is developed under the direction of the WKCTC's professional staff and is evaluated by the faculty for award of credit.

There is a structured method for applying for credit through the portfolio. Students must be accepted to the college (i.e. apply and have an identification number assigned) in order to apply for credit through portfolio assessment.

  • Step 1 -- Begin by talking with an academic adviser at KCTCS. First, examine the course offerings in the KCTCS catalog for your potential portfolio. Portfolio development may be permitted in any discipline/course where a student can transfer in credits from another institution. In consultation with your academic adviser, determine how credit for prior learning fits within degree requirements.

  • Step 2 -- Obtain a list of competencies of the course(s) for which you are seeking credit from appropriate faculty and set portfolio objectives. If you and the faculty member agree there is merit, proceed to Step 3. (Note that programmatic limits on credit for prior learning may be established through the curriculum development process.)

  • Step 3 --Once you and the faculty member have agreed to proceed, request that the assigned faculty member sign the Application for Assessment and Authenticity Statement (See appendix A). Once this document is signed, pay the nonrefundable portfolio fee.

  • Step 4 -- Working with the faculty member, prepare a draft of the portfolio. This will be reviewed according to the guidelines for portfolio development. Revise as necessary and complete the portfolio.

  • Step 5 --Submit completed portfolio and Credit Request Final Portfolio Assessment (See Appendix G) to your assigned faculty member for evaluation.

  • Step 6 --Program faculty will assess competencies presented in the portfolio and make a determination of whether credit is to be awarded or denied or whether additional documentation is required.

  • Step 7 --You will be notified as to the results of the evaluation.

  • Step 8 --Credit will be placed on the transcript upon completion of an accepted portfolio.