Tutoring Myths


This is a myth. Learning experts have found evidence to support active learning, or being engaged in the learning process, as proving to be one of the most beneficial ways to increase your knowledge in a subject area.

This is a myth. Tutors don't actually proofread your paper. This function is what a copy editor does and really has nothing to do with learning how to be a better writer. Instead your tutor will demonstrate proofing and editing strategies, along with revision and planning strategies when appropriate, that will assist you in becoming a more advanced academic writer. So, while the tutor may point to a few editorial errors, the goal of the tutoring session will be to give you the tools to be a better writer.

This is a myth. Actually, we do not work the students' homework problems. In a tutoring session we will consult textbooks for similar problems and help the student work through those, but the homework problems are assigned by the faculty to the student to complete in order to be prepared for tests and/or quizzes.

This is a myth.Tutors do not assist with any document labeled quiz or test. It is contrary to the best learning practice of a student to interfere even with on your own or on your honor learning assessments. For this reason, we ask that you do not take these types of assessments in the Tutoring Center.

This is a myth.The truth is that we do not always know the answer. We are not teachers but peers. While we may not always know the answer, we will do our best to assist you, whether through research, collaboration with other tutors, or in finding a professor to help.
This is a myth.We are not teachers, we are peers. We are trained in assisting you to remember what you learned in class and develop strategies for comprehending what was covered in class or in your textbook. You should attend class, or, if it is imperative that you must skip, you should visit your professor.
This is a myth.While you are an important part of the session, your notes, books, and assignments are also important. The session cannot be conducted efficiently if your supplies are missing. While we do have many resources available to us, they may be slightly different from those you use for class.
This is a myth.Our computers and tables are reserved for tutoring sessions and tutor training only, but the library's resources nearly guarantee access to tables for study and computers for working on course work.